Andrew Montandon


Page last edited on 2018-09-03

I try to make my papers and the corresponding code easily accessible. If you cannot find something, please drop me an email or request a paper on ResearchGate or Note that I also maintain a Google Scholar page.

Undergraduate Papers:

Journal of Retailing and Consumer Services 2014 A Ogonowski, A Montandon, E Botha, M Reyneke
Should new online stores invest in social presence elements? The effect of social presence on initial trust formation
Journal of Food Products Marketing 2017 AC Montandon, A Ogonowski, E Botha
Product involvement and the relative importance of health endorsements
British Food Journal 2016 AC Montandon, C Colli
Effective nutrition labels for fast food consumers
European Retail Research 2013 AC Montandon
Retail in South Africa: profile and future prospects
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