About Me

I am a Strategy researcher. I completed a dual degree in Marketing and Economics at the University of Cape Town. I continued post-graduate studies in these subjects at the University of Cape Town, and the Georgia Institute of Technology, in Atlanta. I spent several years delivering management seminars at University College London in the UK. Currently, I am a graduate student in Strategic Management at HEC Paris. I have eclectic tastes in film and music and I spend my spare time hiking, rowing, cooking, reading, meditating, and contemplating.   

December 2022


Andrew Montandon

1 Rue de la Libération

Department of Strategy and Business Policy, HEC Paris

Jouy-en-Josas, 78350, France

email: andrew[dot]montandon[at]hec[dot?]edu

Research Interests

I am interested in strategy research, and organizational theory. Generally, my methods are quantitative in nature. I appreciate experimental design, as well as opportunities to work with panel data. Most of all, I most enjoy working with a range of diverse datasets and data types, supplementing with spatial and textual data wherever possible.

Strategy                                                      Since 2022

Retail Marketing                                         Since 2011

Developmental Economics                                                                      Since 2014

Social Networks                                                                                          Since 2013